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Tip 3: Media & Content

Your database is as clean as you can get it and you have an idea on what you want to talk about. Next up is to know how to communicate your message.

Good effective communication, social or otherwise, will help you build a community of loyal your-brand aficionados and through this community you can grow your marketing coverage. This in turn will help you grow your business.

Your message should not only be what you say, but it should also resonate with your audience with consideration to the rules of the medium. So understand that Facebook and Twitter have best practices, Instagram too as does LinkedIn.

Look up the best practices on each platform. There is plenty of open source information out there plus you will no doubt have some socially savvy team members in your operation. There will be conflicting ideas, but the more you read the better you’ll understand.

With email marketing you have more flexibility with design options but regardless of the medium, always use bold images and great content.

With all of your communication, you will soon learn how to fine- tune your messaging based on the engagement you receive. If you want a second opinion, then give us a call.

It’s very important to keep all messaging on brand and in the tone of voice that reflects your business values. When it isn’t done well it can feel a little amateurish. Branding is one of our things at Casa so we will notice indiscriminate use of capitals, strange fonts, obscure colours and excitingly unnecessary!!! use of exclamation marks.

Look up hashtags on Google beforehand or use websites that tell you what’s on trend. Only use relevant ones though, not news- worthy ones. Try and keep the number of hashtags down to 6 or under and don’t forget to tag yourself. A little work is needed before each and every post.

Hashtags will add traction to your messages but don’t get lost in the crowd by using ones that are too generic.

Next, the sandwich filler. Images and content. There are too many opinions on images to have any hard and fast rules but we can offer you some general advice.

Photos – keep them high res, keep them relevant and keep them interesting. People are not going to buy a hotel bedroom based just on a photo of a hotel bedroom.

They will however buy a weekend in your hotel when they see an image depicting a warm summers evening of al fresco dining with a fat glass of something cold and alcoholic against a back drop of antiquity.

A bedroom could be anywhere and whilst it’s true people want to see what they’re buying, your marketing is about selling an experience, a dream, a lifestyle. Ditto with the age old question of should-we-have-people-in-the-photo? Well yes and no. It generally rings true that it enhances the quality of the image if the target audience is represented in it.

So if you are an exclusive family resort then pictures of happy kids are always a winner. However if you are looking to attract a wide range of clients, then keep your imagery mostly free of particular demographics or keep the message and audience relevant to the picture. And visa versa.

Keep an image bank of authorised photos and get them updated every few years. It’s a relatively small price to engage a local photographer who will take the time to perfect your images with Photoshop. Play around with the colour tones to get the best out of the detail.

Keep your photos on brand too. Similar types of imagery should be used in all of your communication and where possible try to use similar colour tones to your brand. When using images of a destination or something around your neighbourhood, search for royalty free photos.

Writing content is much more difficult than you may think. At the very least, make sure that it’s free from error so double and triple check it before publishing. It may ring true that the social media generation often place a secondary importance on grammar and spelling over emojis and abbreviations. However you are not a teenager, you are a business. So by all means get-down-with- the-youth but make sure it’s well written.

At Casa we work with a lot of highly educated non-English speaking clients who have a first-rate level of the language both written and spoken. However native language it is not. Therefore always try to write with a native voice, preferably with one that speaks effective marketing verse.

We place a really high emphasis on great content writing to the extent that we have a copy writing expert as part of the team. It’s not just the regular marketing communication either. It’s websites, menus, apps, in-room messaging, Tripadvisor reviews and just regular little notices that need to be written correctly. In keeping of course with your brand identity.

Try to avoid cliches. Everyone will have a Spook-tacular Halloween deal and an Egg-cellent Easter offer so try and be a little creative without being gimmicky. In fact avoid gimmicky at all costs. Keep the text to a minimum. An image is indeed worth a thousand words.

Write something interesting. As we mentioned before no post is better than a poor post.

Your audience want to know the history, fabric and stories behind the structure. They want to feel part of your culture. Give them a glimpse of your business; let them in.

Successful messaging can be as simple as giving a small history lesson of the property or why the owner chose those particular curtains. It may work better with traditional properties but as the saying goes, every hotel has a novel in them.

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