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About Jayne

Jayne is our wedding and event planner, you could say organising is in her blood. Based near Venice, Italy, she spends her time communicating with couples, venues and suppliers and bringing them altogether to ensure fabulous weddings and events.

Jayne’s career began in the UK as a PA to a Technical Director, then moving onto more challenging roles in travel sales by organising corporate events. Her love of Italy and passion for skiing was key to her moving to Italy, working for various tour operators and then onto Venice. With approximately 18 years of co-ordinating weddings and events throughout Italy, and a fortuitous meeting with Casa Collina – a friendship and Casa Collina Events were born.
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Your Italian dream wedding is closer and easier than you think


Private Events

Host fabulous, memorable and luxury private events



What could be better than an annual conference in Italy

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Phone: +44 (0)7388 579033
Mobile: +39 338 629 1990

Forging a new path in hotel marketing

We’re constantly thinking of new and creative ways to change hotel sales and marketing for the better. Whether we’re increasing revenue through creative sales or elevating hotel brands with new trends and technology, our goal is simple – be an unstoppable voice and presence for hotels.

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